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Facility & Machinery

Cutting Edge Technology to Build Baking Racks

It's a certainty that bakery businesses in Canada rely on the durability of their products. D&V Plastics manufacture in our 8100 Square Foot facility located within Acton, Ontario. Our reputation of providing an excellent product begins at this facility. It takes a lot of expertise and skill to create great industrial strength products, and we pride ourselves in using the best industrial equipment to create our baking racks. This ensures that they will stand up to heavy use, and will not weather easily under industrial duress.

We at D&V Plastics realize that to make great baking racks, you have to invest great capital, which is why our facility is equipped with two state-of-the-art Nissei FVX660 Hybrid Injection Molding machines with a clamping pressure of 720 tonnes, which give our bakery trays and plastic tray goods the durability that our clients have come to know and love, and remain loyal toward.

This equipment and our commitment to your satisfaction is what sets us apart from other bakery supply companies. These cutting edge machines not only deliver sturdy results, but they do so at an incredibly fast pace, allowing us to meet large orders in a minimal amount of time. They enable us to produce up to 60 bakery racks and plastic products per hour in a variety of custom colors and specifications, as requested by our consistently growing and well-satisfied clientele.

Some reasons our clients love us:

  • We offer custom trays in a variety of colors
  • We have been leaders in the bakery supply industry
  • We deliver on demand
  • We provide durable and reliable products to meet your business demands

The bakery supply industry is competitive, but we are confident we can start an excellent mutual relationship with your business, certifying that you will be pleased with our premium products and outstanding customer service.

Feel free to contact us for further detail on any of our baking racks, and we will be happy to assist you in procuring more information to make an informed business decision.